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Purchase of Quality Pre-Owned Metrology Instrumentation

Should you have any surplus measuring instruments of any make or type, we will offer to buy these.We purchase quality Pre-Owned Metrology Equipment, in the categories below:
Calibration - Plug Gauge measuring machines - Metroscopes - DTI Calibrators
Hardness Tester: Bench or portable.
Surface Tables and plates: variety of sizes, Granite and Cast iron
On the table - Angle Plates, plain and compound - Height Gauges simple and digital - Sine Tables – simple and compound - Clock transfer and Clock stands - Height Micrometers - Gauge Blocks (slips – all grades including steel, carbide and ceramic)
Optical Projectors
On the Machine - Bore Micrometers – two and three point contact plus some air gauging - External and Internal Micrometers - Vernier Calipers - Digital Calipers - Plug and Gap Gauges – Plain or Threaded - Electronic and Air probes and displays

A high Quality Control in compliance with international standards

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