Frequently Asked Questions

Do you refurbish (re-lap) surface table back to a required grade.

If after calibration a surface table or plate is found to be out of the required grade, we will provide a quotation for the re-lapping back to grade by our own engineers. The price quoted will include all travel and on-site costs and UKAS certification.

What if an instrument fails calibration and cannot be adjusted?

Should the item be deemed beyond economical repair, we contact you with the options of: (a) returning uncalibrated, (generally without charge), b) providing a quotation for the repair (if [possible,) or (c) a price for a suitable replacement. We will always provide you enough information to decide whether the instrument is fit for purpose or not.

Are you Insured against loss or damage?

Equipment collected and delivered by our own drivers and vehicles is insured against loss or damage. Equipment packed and being returned to a customer by a courier is insured against loss or damage.

Do you use Sub-contractors?

Should any instruments require sub contacting to complete the required level of calibration, we will notify you and agree the sub-contractor with you before proceeding. All our sub-contractors are approved suppliers.

What do you do if instruments fail calibration but can be adjusted?

Small adjustments are made during calibration, free of charge. More complex adjustments and repairs are quoted for separately, and approval will be requested before continuing.

Is collection and delivery is included in the calibration price?

We use our own transport for collection and deliveries to the following areas, and is generally included in the quoted calibration price. Flexibility to meet your needs is important to us and although we have set delivery and collection days in your area, we will always try to adjust our schedule to accommodate you. As we use our own vans and drivers special packaging is not required. Monday - Around and inside the M60 M1 to M44, OL1, OL2, OL4, OL6, OL7, OL10, OL11, OL16, SK1 to SK8, SK14, SK16, WA13, WA14, WA15 Tuesday & Wednesday - North West of Manchester, Blackpool and surrounding areas BL, CH, FY, LL, PR, WA,WN Thursday - Lancashire, West and South Yorkshire BB,BD,DN, HD, HX, LS, OL, S, WF Friday - Around and inside the M60 - M1 to M44, OL1, OL2, OL4, OL6, OL7, OL10, OL11, OL16, SK1 to SK8, SK14, SK16, WA13, WA14, WA15